Monday, 9 January 2017

Night Time Investigations.

Jan 9 prompt:

Every night for the last week, you've been woken up at the same time by a sound that apparently only you can hear. Tonight, you decide to investigate. Write at least 500 words inspired by the prompt above. Try not to be too serious about it (the prompt definitely isn't!) - rather try writing from a perspective, or using an approach, that you wouldn't ordinarily use. Experiment!

I climbed into bed, wriggling around trying to find the perfect position, I thought that tonight, if I heard "that" noise again - I would go and investigate. Curiosity would definitely get the better of me and finding out would be better than all the imaginations that would run around in my over-active mind.

The last few nights had been raining, and I put the sound down to an overflowing birdbath that did not warrant investigating. However, last night there was no rain, and again I heard the splish-splash of running water. Jack, who was sleeping next to me, didn't even move a muscle, so I put it down to imagination. If I heard it again tonight.…

I adjusted my position, and closed my eyes hoping for an uninterrupted nights sleep.

No! Again? Really?” I opened one eye and explored the room around me. No movement. I had to get up and find where that noise was coming from, and what it was.

I climbed out of my bed, had a little stretch, and plodded out in the direction of the back door. It was left open in the summer months to cool the house and allow us easy access.

I gingerly went outside, expecting to find a cat in the birdbath or an intruder in the fish pond, or something equally as innocuous. Nothing. Not a peep from anything.

Everything is asleep, just as I should be,” I thought, heading back indoors, unimpressed.

I popped passed the kitchen for a drink of water before heading back to bed. As I headed toward the kitchen, I shot a look up the stairs. A faint light was coming from the bathroom.

Could it possibly be this simple?” I wondered. There was only one way to find out. I would have to go up.

I made my way upstairs, and edged the door open.

My tail wagged as I heard my Masters voice “Hey Tigs!” He whispered.

Really?” I looked at him with big brown eyes.

Dude, couldn't you forego that last cup of tea before bed and give us both an uninterrupted nights sleep?” My eyes conveying this silent plea.

Whether he understood or not, I guess I will only know tomorrow.

He left the bathroom, patting my head. “Good girl, go back to bed now.

I gave his hand a gentle lick and went back downstairs, curled back up in my warm bed, grateful that this mystery was so easy to solve.

502 words


  1. Ha! You got me - nicely done :) I even went back and re-read once I understood the perspective. Loved this!

    1. Initially I was so stumped by the prompt. I thought it would be easy, but I just couldn't get it together. I was quite happy with it in the end - fun to do!