Monday, 2 January 2017

#500 Motivation

I will preface this motivational post with this introduction of myself. It will probably only make sense at the end. I love ideas. I love learning. I love debates and discussion. I love new perspectives. I love challenges. I love people. 

I could say that I am doing this challenge (inspired by Write500) because I don't usually finish anything I start. Especially if it eventually bores me. Much like many others, I can list yearly challenge projects that I have started with supersonic passion and which fizzled out like a damp sparkler on Guy Fawkes. Let's see.:

I Started:
  • A blog called "Just One Thing" probably about 5 years ago (maybe more) in which I wanted to try one new thing everyday, whether a food / drink or experience... I enjoyed that but the pressure of finding that one thing each day, became so overwhelming, that I consciously ditched it. 
  • The Gratitude 365 Challenge, I think 2 years ago, there was nothing difficult about posting a pic a day of something you were grateful for, yet I didn't last. 
  • I still have a blog called "My Thoughts Framed", where I use a photograph I have taken and write what I love about it. When I went back to look at it though, the last time I posted was probably 3 years ago. 
  • Last year was the Mindfulness Challenge. Each week we were given a something and we had to be creative with it, in whichever way we wanted to be. I enjoyed that, but it was so time consuming and needed hours blocked away to finish.

Having read all this, I am amazed that my "actual blog" has lasted as long as it has. No-one has told me that I should write more, I don't consider myself a wordsmith and have no illusions (or delusions?) of writing grandeur.  However, this doesn't mean I cannot enjoy it. 

BUT fear of not finishing / or the desire to finish this 500 Word Challenge is not my motivation.

Since moving halfway across the world, my life has taken a 180 deg turn. I don't work, which means I am not surrounded by colleagues, friends or family. I am not challenged with work scenarios, I don't need to problem solve. I have no need to actually think about anything except "what's for supper" and "when do I need to walk the dogs!" Not working means I spend A LOT of time alone - so most conversations that I would have had with friends or family, I have in my head or with my dogs in the forest! :)  

I feel as though my brain is going to mush, and every day I feel as though I contribute less. I love working, I love challenges, I love thinking and debating and learning new things.... so I am taking on this challenge knowing that there are others unwrapping the same topic in their heads as I am, and in the hope that these topics /quotes etc, will provoke me to think, discuss, debate and challenge myself and.that these thoughts will find their way out of my head. 

Perhaps it's a trampoline of words for me. Instead of them settling neatly in the crevices of my mind.... they will bounce around on a blog, and delightfully find some place to play in the fresh air.

Who knows. 
Time will tell.

568 words



  1. What a beautiful picture you've created! Looking forward to your journey & reading how it unfolds. Good luck :)

    1. Thanks Stac! Looking forward too. Have fun! :)